Greek Style Walnut Tarts

My best friend came back from Greece earlier this week and gifted me with a box of the most delicious mini walnut tarts that she'd found in a local bakery on her travels.  They were like a Greek version of Baklava, so I've had a go at recreating them.

Makes around 12 tarts

- 150g ready made filo pastry
- 100g butter, melted
- 120g caster sugar
- 100ml double cream
- 3 large free range eggs
- 2 tbsp self-raising flour
- 125g walnuts, finely ground
- Zest of 1 large orange, finely grated
- Olive oil to grease the muffin tin
- Icing sugar to dust

How to:-
1.  Preheat the oven to 200C / Gas mark 6.  Fold out one sheet of filo pastry and lightly brush it all over with melted butter.  Place another sheet on top and repeat the process until you have three layers.  Roughly cut out squares big enough for the muffin tin holes, and then brush each hole with a little oil.  Fit each square of the layered filo pastry into a hole and trim the excess off with scissors so that it fits.

2.  Put the sugar and 3 tablespoons of hot water into a saucepan over a low heat.  When the sugar completely dissolves into a clear looking syrup, increase the heat to medium and simmer until it becomes a golden caramel.  Turn off the heat, add the double cream and stir well until it becomes a caramel consistency.  Allow to cool for 5 minutes.

3.  In a mixing bowl, whisk the eggs until pale and slowly pour in the caramel, continually whisking as you do so.  Sift in the flour and whisk into the mixture.  Next, mix in the orange zest and ground walnuts until everything is combined.  Spoon equal portions into each pastry in the muffin tin.

4.  Bake for around 20 minutes, until each tart has risen and feels firm in the middle.  Allow to cool on a wire rack before serving with a generous dusting of icing sugar.

[Recipe adapted from and inspired by several traditional Baklava recipes]

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  1. You've got to stop posting such yummy recipes along with your stunning photos otherwise all your readers are going to end up huge!