In winter, I sometimes find it difficult to be motivated to eat fruit. Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get more fruit in your diet. I tried the four recipes in The Skinny Bitch in The Kitch book and loved them, here they are. Each recipe makes about 500-750ml depending on whether you want to add more soy milk/juice. Add the fruit and liquid, blend until you get the consistency you like. Add some ice cubes if using all fresh fruit. Enjoy!


Verry Berry Smoothie
I love the colour of this.
300g mixed berries (use frozen if out of season), 120ml soy milk and 120ml apple juice (or you can use all soy milk).


Tropical Orange, Banana & Ginger Smoothie
I've never tried Ginger before in a smoothie but it was quite surprisingly yummy!
300g chopped bananas, 240ml orange juice and 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh ginger.


Just Peachy Smoothie
Simple and smooth
300g chopped peaches, 120ml soy milk and 120ml apple juice


Berry & Banana Smoothie
Definitely a favourite
One banana chopped, 250g mixed berries and 240ml soy milk.

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