Scrambled tofu & black bean burrito

A hearty breakfast option that also works well as a light lunch. I used chili flakes to give a little heat but if you like it hot, just add slices of the real thing.


Adapted from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch:-
Bitchin' Breakfast Burrito
Serves 1

- 100g firm tofu, crumbled
- 1 garlic clove, finely chopped
- 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes
- 1 tablespoon soy or tamari sauce
- 1/4 teaspoon turmeric
- pinch of sea salt
- pinch of pepper
- 1 tablespoon rapeseed oil
- 1 vegan sausage, chopped or crumbled
- 2 or 3 baby new potatoes, chopped
- handful of black beans (or pinto)
- 1 wholemeal tortilla
- Ketchup or other condiment (optional)

How to:-
1. Boil the baby new potatoes until tender (around 15 mins). Chop and set aside.
2. In a bowl, combine the tofu, garlic, yeast flakes, soy sauce, turmeric, salt and pepper. Set aside.
3. In a frying pan, cook the vegan sausage according to pack. Once cooked, chop/crumble into the tofu mixture bowl.
4. Heat the oil in the frying pan and heat the potatoes and beans. Add in the tofu mixture and stir occasionally for 3-4 minutes or until most of the liquid has evaporated.
5. Place the tortilla over the pan to warm it and then place on a plate and add your condiment is using.
6. Carefully transfer the food onto the tortilla, keeping everything in the middle.
7. Wrap around and fold the bottom to envelope everything.
8. Serve whilst hot.

Notes: This would be great with some vegan cheese, salsa, peppers, chilies, mushrooms, tomatoes..the list is endless!


  1. Hi, I was wondering how come you do eat meat but try to cook vegetarian? For health reasons or because it usually costs a little less or because it can obviously be delicious? I'm just asking because I'm don't eat meat (but do eat fish), but I never ever use Tofu, because I just can't get round to the flavour, so I was quite surprised that someone who does eat meat and dairy uses it? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to eat a varied diet and to keep it vegetarian/vegan sometimes, but I was just wondering :)

    1. Hi, I wrote a little bit about it here: http://wewereraisedbywolves.blogspot.co.uk/p/wolf-and-her-dinner.html

      Basically 95% of my friends are vegetarian or vegan, so I wanted to create a food blog that shows how easy it is to cater for them. I feel like a lot of meat eaters think that all veggies/vegans eat is 'rabbit food', so I wanted to help change that kind of attitude!

      I've been a vegetarian and a vegan in the past but at present I'm just an omnivore who eats a lot of veggie food and likes to cook for my veggie friends yummy meals when they come round :)

      Re: tofu - when I was vegan I ate LOADS of tofu so I guess I got used to it! The trick is really to marinate it in something or buy ready made smoked tofu which has more flavour. It is something of an acquired taste though, so don't worry if you don't like it!

  2. Thank you for the reply! That makes a lot of sense, I agree with people just not knowing enough about vegetarian food and think all vegetarians eat is salad and some lovelessly put together veg without any flavour. I love that you eat meat, but blog about vegetarian food. I'm not sure I'll never eat meat again, I'd juts like to make sure it's from good sources, and I just know I'd slip if I started again at the moment.
    Have you ever been to the gate in London? It's the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've ever been to, I absolutely loved it! I l blogged about it too, in case you're interested http://kirschplunder.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/the-gate-london/

    1. No probs! I do the same with the meat that I eat - I always try to make sure I know where it's come from and that it's organic. I generally don't eat it otherwise.
      I haven't been to The Gate but I'll certainly check it out next time I'm in London, sounds wonderful! Have added your blog to my reader too :)

  3. Aww thank you :) And yeah definitely check it out, it's INCREDIBLE!